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After Mr. Sutter met with Media on his state of the Franchise Speech the Media walked away just as confused if not more. He refused to comment on the future of Coach Playfair or on the Contracts of Iggy and Kipper does that mean kipper and iggy are traded and Playfiar fired? Heck no it means that Sutter is not going half cocked and firing Playfair and jumping to any conclusion on his players.

Sutter has become one of the best General Managers not by listening to the Fans and reading the Papers, Because if he did Playfair would of been fired and Iggy would have been traded a billion times already, well maybe not a billion but you get my drift. Sutter will sit down with his players and then talk to his coaches , he will then make a good informed decision. Sutter is one of the smartest Hockey minds there is I swear that he could really get water out of a stone. That being said I may not always agree with but I do respect and trust him make no mistake this is Sutter ship and he will make the choices that have to be made, whether we like it or not.

And some of those choices are going to be big

the ufa's

Amonte, Tony
Tony did not have one his best seasons but you can't question his heart

Friesen, Jeff
I suspect his days are numbered after his interview with Mr. Mahr

Nilson, Marcus
I met him in the Summer very classy Guy would hate to see him leave but who knows

McCarty, Darren
met the Dougstr and signed his shirt as far as my son goes he is perfect

Ritchie, Byron
There is no Drama here he has already informed the Flames that he is testing the Market

Primeau, Wayne
He is a Sutter Player but is that enough?

Hamrlik, Roman
Wants to stay nice for a Change

Stuart, Brad
Only Kinds words here I suspect he has priced himself out of Calgary

McLennan, Jamie
Last time a Goalie did something crazy the goalie shall be nameless but was sent down to the minors and traded to Pho.

Now as for the big contracts that are up for renewal in two years there are to many to mention, Sutter has to figure which ones to deal with now or let ride until next season. Don't kid yourself there is a madness in Sutter's plan some how he will get the most out of there players some he will sign other he will let sweat to motivate the best out his players, either way he gets what he wants and frankly so do we which is the Calgary Flames. You See Sutter is the Calgary Flames.

April 27, 2007 9:29 PM ET | Delete
Yea I don't think you can really be mad if you are a Flames fan.. you made the playoffs with a decent consistant season and then got defeated by a good Red Wings team. That is a very large number of UFA's though; I wouldn't mind hearing more about them, your information doesn't say too much. And boo to McLennan, he is old, he should retire.
April 27, 2007 9:47 PM ET | Delete
no problem wild I will give you a better info on them or else I will pm you with the info
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