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This morning I took my son Douglas to wal-mart to go shopping and he asked for a flames sweater now this normally its a automatic no but for some reason I decided to do it the main reason why I am writing about this is because of his reaction . He acted like I bought him the Stanley Cup, he mademe realize that life is to short sometimes. We can learn a lot by watching a boy or a girl attitude on life. Just maybe there is more to life than a hockey game. I just wish we all be grateful for the things we receive or have as my son was with a 26 dollar hockey Sweater. I sure hope we remember that when all sit down with our family while watching the games and realize its just a game and remember the traditions. My son is making us all wear our Flames sweaters which I am sure we will while watching the game tomorrow I just hope he lets us wash them. Bottom line it comes down to it this is a game and its a great game meant for enjoyment , it took me a long time to realize that fact I just hope it sinks in and stays there when the Red Wings score a goal. I normally don't do blogs but this message I wanted to spread especially for myself maybe if I have in writing I can always read it to remind myself that is just a game nothing more nothing less, and sun will come out to tomorrow win or lose.


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