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The Calgary Flames were frankly an embarrassment tonight. They did
nothing right. They were not skating and not hitting and Kipper was,
well, not good. The forwards continue to stand still. The defense
continues to back up in their zone, they are just panicking every time
they touched the puck. Our defense is slow, plain and simple; we cannot
continue to be caught flat footed.

The defense is not the only problem The forwards are not thinking and
they are certainly not helping out. The Flames continue to run around in
their own zone. They continue to throw pucks blindly. They are not
playing as a unit right now. The main problem is they are playing as
individuals and not as a team.

This is the third time that they have been blown out this season. It is
not the fact that they lost tonight. It is the way this team lost
tonight. This game was over at the end of the period while watching this
game. The only bright side I could find was I did not pay for the game.
What is so frustrating about this team is coaches telling them what they
must do to win this game, and they come out like tonight and get plastered.

When you give up 4 goals in the first period, the game is pretty much
over. In the second period, they only gave up the one goal, which made
it 5-0. The third period the Flames continue to get killed by giving up
the 6th straight goal. Making the third time this season that they have
given up six goals. All three games, they were beaten 6-1. They pretty
much mailed this game in. I really do not know the answer, but at this
moment, they are being coached or just plain shutting out the coaches.
Before you start blaming Kenan; they did not play much better for Playfair.

So what is the answer? Major trade, or maybe a coaching change? Let's
try to figure out this coaching. Can a new coach really do anything?
Shaking things up in coaching rarely works, and I really think it is too
early to panic. If the Flames go this route, they really only have one
option. Sutter is the only option. I mean think about it, there is
Preston or maybe Playfair, or even bringing in their minor league
coaching staff. I really hate to say this, but none of those are doable
options. Bringing in a new coach could be the answer. Could Hartly be
the answer? I was thinking about Savard from the Black Hawks; he is
terrific with motivating players. The problem is, he is a Keenan
protege, which kind of rules him out.

So the next option is sitting pat. How much patience can the Flames
have? I mean, how many changes can they make? How many of there roster
players from Quad Cities are ready?

So the next option is a trade shake-up; but please, let me know how they
are going to do this. There is no room on the cap and most of the
tradeable assets cannot be traded due to the no-trade clauses. The
assets they do have will not be traded. I mean really, anyone see Boyd
or Gio going anywhere? They have some pretty good prospects, but there
is no way the Flames use that option. They can trade their future for a
player. They need more than one player to turn this team around. So the
next option is to ask one of our players to lift their no-trade clauses.
To me, this means Regehr could be their biggest asset, but the Flames
cannot afford to lose their best defenseman.

That leads to Langkow or Dion or Iggy - or of course, Kipper. Can you
see the Flames trading Iggy or Dion? They could, but there is no way
they will. So it comes down to Regehr or Kipper or Langkow. Unless Lombo
becomes an asset mixed with Aucoin, but I do not think that Aucoin will
waive his no-trade clause. There is Sarich, but I am not sure trading
him would be in the Flames' best interest, or could we get a good enough
return for him.

So which option do I see happening? More than likely, I see a major
trade happening. I do not see Keenan getting fired. Sutter just does not
fire coaches.

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November 14, 2008 2:09 PM ET | Delete
Wrong, he fired Playfair. Of course the question of whether he'll have the guts to fire his old buddy Keenan is up in the air...what a joke
November 14, 2008 6:03 PM ET | Delete
I can sympathize, but Kipper stopped a lot of the initial shots and the D stood around waiting for Sharks to poke it home. This is not the same team that rocked the sharks last post season. Calgary beat the crap out of the Sharks last playoffs and wore us out. What happened to the tough D we all know and love? Maybe it is time for Keenan to go? Or as you say, trade, but trade for a solid tough D. Dion is good, butyou need more like him. Anyway, good luck with the rest of the season!
November 14, 2008 6:39 PM ET | Delete
its a great point pucked the problem with our defense is were just to slow the forwards are not coming back either something has to shake this team up.
November 14, 2008 11:08 PM ET | Delete
The Flames seen to play without passion and heart. You can tell these guys a mentally exhausted and don't look like they are having any fun on the ice. If things don't turn around soon you could say goodbye to Keenan and Sutter soon.
November 14, 2008 11:08 PM ET | Delete
Message Posted
November 15, 2008 12:23 AM ET | Delete
Sutter isn't going anywhere, he has made too many great trades and signed major players for millions less than they could have gotten. They can't make a trade, it just doesn't happen this early in the year with the cap world the way it is. If this continues for maybe 10 more games Keenan can can say goodbye. The players are NOT responding to him or playfair anymore. The defence and special teams coaches need to go, and they need to practice....
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