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First of all, I am going to try to have a small write up on every prospect except Boyd; he is not really a prospect. I want to apologize for some criticisms, I am just commenting on how they played, not on the person.



75 John Armstrong

I actually saw some light at the end of the tunnel for Armstrong. His skating and passing picked up today. He made some huge improvements moving the puck around. His passing was excellent, but he needs to get more consistent. Today was the first day I have noticed him. Armstrong made some great shots today, picking the corners on the goalies.

74 Hugo Carpentier

Hugo had a pretty good day today. His speed was excellent, but his shot has to be more accurate. I love this kid. Hugo he has a huge upside.

62 Kris Chucko

Kris had a rough day today; he was fighting with the puck. I still love his shot, but he has to get it off quicker. Chucko needs to stop fighting the puck and start having fun. He looks too tight on the ice.

73 Ryley Grantham

Ryley is still rough around the edges, but had a great camp day. He made some great passes and scored some nice shots. I still think he has a lot of potential, but he is not quite there yet. Grantham is an average skater and he has some good puck skills.

58 Nick Larson

Nick really has a quick shot but needs to get it more accurate. If he can improve his accuracy he has the potential to become a player. Nick has great speed, and his puck control is adequate. Nick made a couple of great shots.

48 Greg Nemisz

Greg had mostly a sub-par day today. Greg was fighting the puck, struggling to keep the puck under control. His speed was still excellent. I still think Greg will be a Nhler some day.

72 C.J. Severyn

C.J. didn't really stand out today, but on the other hand he didn’t stink either. C.J. made a few good passes, and I distinctly remembered him making a perfect shot. Middle prospect, could grow into a solid prospect. I think I need to see him more to make an accurate assessment.

52 Mitch Wahl

I cannot say enough good things about this kid. Mitch is a solid prospect. Mitch has an enormous wrist shot. His blazing speed, combined with his heart, more than make up for his lack of size. Remember the name Mitch Wahl, because he will make the Flames smile for years to come.


67 Gord Baldwi

Gord continues to shine. I love his skating. He is a smooth skater. He had another good day passing the puck up and down the ice. I love his size; he uses it to his advantage.

66 T. J. Brodie

Brodie was better today I like his improvement with the puck. Brodie seemed to settle down today and play with confidence. Pretty good skater, has to work with his body, and become stronger.

49 Brad Cole

Brad has grown since last season. He has become a sold blue liner. His skating has been terrific and has improved his puck control. Brad was in the final three in the keep-away puck drill.

61 John Negrin

I am beginning to see what Sutter sees in him. John had his best day out there today. He showed a marked improvement in his skating. His passing still might need some work, but I really think he can be a solid defensemen.


36 Matt Keetley

Matt needed a good day after yesterday, and today he was outstanding. He probably has the best glove hand out of the prospects. He still needs a little more help with controlling his rebounds. Matt is an excellent goalie who only can become better.

38 Kevin Lalonde

Where did this kid come from? Kevin has been very consistent throughout the camp. The Flames have no trouble when it comes to goaltending. He does not have the glove hand of Matt, but Kevin controls his rebounds better.

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July 24, 2008 12:36 AM ET | Delete
great work flames as always.........i put you as my top hockeybuzz blogger your pieces are a treatto read
July 24, 2008 2:37 AM ET | Delete
I agree with drake17 110%. Great job again!
July 24, 2008 9:06 AM ET | Delete
I was super happy when we picked up Wahl in the 2nd round, what a steal!! It will be interesting to watch him and the last Staal brother who went right after him to see if the flames chose correctly!! I think so though!
July 24, 2008 2:15 PM ET | Delete
Awsome write ups! I work, so unfortunately I do not have the chance to get down to the Dome myself to check these camps out. You have kept me up to speed. Thanks alot and keep them coming!
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