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Today blog question is to name one thing that you hate about the NHL. Notice I said one thing; I am sure everyone could found a lot more than just one.

One of the things that bothers me with the new rules - although it wasn't that different before - is when a player is on a mini-breakaway. If a defenseman catches him from behind or otherwise makes a nice clean play to break up the scoring chance, 9 times out of 10, a phantom penalty is called. Often the defenseman has done all he can, within the rules, yet it doesn't matter. It seems in a league where they are now doing anything they can to promote offense; defensemen are paying the price more often than they should for doing their job.

The NHL had a panic attack when the lock-out ended, mainly because the team that made it from the western final was a boring Calgary Flames team - a public relations nightmare. They felt they had to get rid of the clutch and grab game to give the superstars more freedom; which I love. The problem is they over-compensated, and often misjudge a great defensive play from behind, calling it a penalty. Some great points made by spiegs, who is the Florida Panthers blogger and does a great job.


The NHL does not understand its fans and who they market to. The league consistently misses marketing to new audiences through its campaigns, and does not really respect the die-hard fans that make up the bulk of its viewership and support. Showing an aptitude for reaching out and making the league attractive would go a long way to improving its fortunes.

In order for corporation to be profitable, it must know its clientele. I find the NHL is working so hard to grab a new audience, that it is forgetting the old one. It is common-sense that the NHL must attract new viewers; but not at the expense of its most diehard fans. Any corporation knows that the best advertising is word of mouth. It is too bad that the NHL doesn't know this market strategy. A great comment by Banger, who is great guy and new moderator on the forms, and deserves it.


What's wrong with the NHL? Well I'm a huge hockey fan, so in my opinion - not a lot. I could imagine from an outsider point of view, though, that the lack of marketing and the NHL's inability to crack into major T.V. deals is holding it back.

As a fan who completely enjoys the game, it frustrates me that we have to watch playoff games at 2 P.M. Sunday afternoon because NBC has dictated that is the only time allotted. I guess it is better than nothing, but it has not gotten the NHL anywhere in terms of endearing the Americans to the game, and it frustrates the core group of fans.

We really discussed this issue during last year playoffs. Watching hockey on a Saturday afternoon is just wrong. What really irritated me was that even the Canadian teams had to play on Saturday afternoon. No hockey on a Saturday night in Canada is like not having pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner. The NHL again over-compensated by trying to attract a new audience, which is fine as long as it doesn’t trample the old ones. Great job Saneopinion

Brandon Felder

I believe that the one thing wrong in hockey is the way other fans look down at each other. In my mind, it doesn't matter what team you root for, we are all hockey fans. To hear that people are supporting an existing team being uprooted is a bit disturbing to me. I supported the Penguin fans when they were in trouble, and they supported us as well. Unfortunately, there are too many fans out there that do not see it from another fan's point of view. I would never WANT a team to move from an existing NHL city. I just wish fans were more respectful to each other when it comes to off-the-ice issues. Argue, debate, and sling mud over the game on the ice, but don't forget to think how you would feel in the shoes of a Pred fan.

I could not have said it better. I have never seen so many fans kicking the Preds while they were down. I think that as NHL fans, we have to support each other in the good times and the rough ones. I like to think the hockey fans are in a different league unto themselves. That is why it is so disappointing when I hear fans rejoice over other's misfortunes. Brandon that is a heart-felt comment who is by the way is a great new blogger on our site.


Here are things I hate about the NHL: its ineffective marketing, inconsistent refs, and incompetent leadership. But as far as hockey goes, there's nothing I hate about the sport. Probably the only gripe I have is that it is a very expensive game for kids to play.

Let’s talk about the inconsistent refs. The NHL has to address this problem. The players have no idea of what is a penalty or what isn’t. The biggest problem is the inconsistent calls not from game to game but within the game. The players need to know that penalty that is called against them will be called on their opponent. A penalty for one team should be a penalty for another.

Js, I could not agree more about the expenses of letting our children play hockey. I just thought you would like to know that in Calgary they are trying to figure out ways to keep the expenses down and get more rinks for our youth. They even had a one-night summit on that topic. I just wish the NHL could get more involved; maybe help out the cities with youth hockey costs. Thanks so much for your contribution. Js is also one of the best myhockeybuzz bloggers. If you have not read some of his work, you should.

Well, there you have a great bunch of answers. Now all I have to do is get the NHL's fax number I would like to thank my friends for their help with this blog. Without them, there would be no blog.

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