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The Calgary Flames put Rhett Warner, Anders Erickson, and Marcus Nilson on waivers. This leads me to wonder if there is a major move coming or a ufa signing. Either way, Sutter really had no choice but to do the move to improve their chances for the upcoming season.

The Flames would have had to put up with predictions of doom and gloom if they did not made changes for the upcoming season. With Warrner and Erickson being waived, this puts the Flames on defense with Aucoin, Sarich, Giordano, Regher, and of course some kid named Phaneuf, who is suppose to be really good (I'm being facetious, of course). That leaves only one spot open on defense, with the heir apparent being Adam Pardy. Judging by last year's play, Adam was very close to being a starter. The Flames could follow the course of signing a defensemen via the ufa, or through a trade.

With the third player to be put on waivers, I think it is just a numbers game. The Flames have many young players to replace Marcus Nilson, who I think will be claimed to play for another team.

The Flames are clearing cap room for more than one reason. Let’s face facts; these three players have not been happy for some time. I think Sutter is doing them a huge favor by letting them go. The next reason is obvious. They are clearing cap room so they have more room to spend in the open market.

Finally, the third and maybe-not-so-obvious reason is to evaluate their young talent to see if they are NHL ready. This reason kind of intrigues me. I would love to see Boyd and Nystrom be given more responsibility for the upcoming season. The Flames will get younger; they have to this season. It is obvious that they need to pick up the speed. But the age factor is not the only thing here. They could go the Ufa route and pick up a speedster.

I think the Flames are cleaning house; but what makes me excited is they are not rebuilding. Using the buy-out option is new territory for the Flames. The summer just got a whole lot more interesting. Only time will which tell what option the Flames will use.

Let me say this: Rhett he has been a good friend who always takes time out to come down to chat with us when he has a chance to do so. He loves the community, and donates a lot of time in charity work. If he get picked by another team, I will truly miss him. He gives new meaning to the word winner. Rhett Warrner is the picture of true class.

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