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NHLPA is standing behind Heatley. Well, technically he is not doing anything wrong. Morally is another story. When it comes to pure talent, I am one of his biggest fans. I love watching Heater play. I am a huge fan of his play, but right now I am not a fan of his attitude. When it comes to a player, I would like to be a fan of the hockey player, just not the hockey he plays. What I mean is, there is more to a hockey player than just his ability. It's him. Most players, I know have an aura of brilliance in and off the ice. It just disappoints me when they get a little dull when they are off the ice.

That being said, could the Senators be partly to blame? There are conflicting reports. Did Heatley pick Edmonton as his destination? So I tried explaining to my friends that from his point of view, the Sens might have acted in bad faith by dealing with a team not on his list. My friends have so politely informed me, should he have the right to demand where he goes after demanding a trade. Again, technically he has a no movement clause; but again, morally, does Heatley have a responsibility to make it easier on the Senators? If you listen to the NHPA, he is doing nothing wrong. If you listen to the fans and the management, Heatley is a jerk.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle, but it does not look that good on Heatley. If you want the honest truth, Murray is not exactly looking like Mr. Nice guy either. Right now, the biggest losers are the fans. I sure hope they can straighten this thing out. But in the end, I fear that I see Heatley still in an Ottawa uniform in the fall.


The Flames sign JBO and give him tons and tons of cash, but appealingly he could have gotten more cash with free agency. With JBO, the Flames have one of the best defenses in the country. Regher, Dion, and JBO make an awesome defense. The main problem is, is there enough offense, or does Sutter have to trade Sarich in a package to get a top 6 forward?


Wow, the Kings miss out on Hossa and Vinny and drop out of the Heater races. So do they sit still? No, they take a gamble and grab their big name player in Ryan Smyth. The Kings get a power forward, who goes to the net and gets every garbage goal he can muster. He is a gamble for the Kings. If he can stay healthy, he will be an asset for the Kings. The Avs, meanwhile, get two steady defensemen, which clearly opens the door for another trade or another free agent signing. A good deal for both teams, giving the Kings their big name and the Avs more flexibility.

Let's take a look at the signing of Mikael Samuelsson to a three year contract. I really like this signing if I am a Canuck fan, if only for his playoff experience of being a Stanley Cup champion. They will benefit from his speed, his smarts, and he will be the perfect winger for the Twins. I really like the way the Canucks look; I really think they can make some noise.

Until next time, take care.

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Good read good blog well putGreat job
July 4, 2009 5:31 AM ET | Delete
Heatley's a jerkwad, although it was a good read buddy.
July 4, 2009 1:34 PM ET | Delete
I still maintain that getting a real coach with a real system will be the most important move the Flames made. But having said that, I love adding J. Bo to the roster!
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